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by Aamir Hassan   |  Nov 05, 2020    

Welcome to the PlatinumLed Therapy Lights review page. It's a bit overwhelming to sort through every one of these firms appearing and establish which are the most effective ones for your specific requirement. I've chosen to go deep and also evaluate some of the most popular LED expand light business on the market.

Today's evaluation is for Platinum LED, an American LED therapy Light business targeted towards the luxury market as well as based in Kailua, Hawaii.

In this article, I'm mosting likely to take a look at their product as well as provide my Platinum LED testimonial from top to bottom. Check our PlatinumLed Therapy Lights coupons to get discount now!

Quick Take

Platinum LED is an American LED therapy light firm that targets the premium segment of the market. Advertising and marketing themselves as the producers of "The most powerful LED therapy lights. Duration."

Traffic signal wavelengths action in between 630-700 nm. These are a perfect size to permeate skin cells as well as sebaceous glands, providing benefits for skin texture and also tone, smoothing fine creases, advertising collagen production as well as usually rejuvenating the appearance of skin. Many individuals who are concentrated on red light benefits particularly for skin, such as enhanced collagen manufacturing, acne recovery or mark as well as stretch mark fading, choose the 'red only' configuration.

PlatinumLED pride themselves on the fact that they have actually been in the high-power LED industry for over 9 years. In this time they have actually obtained the skillset and experience - in addition to the supply chain and also manufacturing capacity - to generate a few of the globes greatest powered as well as most advanced LEDs.

4 years ago PlatinumLED saw the health and wellness benefits of red and also near-infrared light and also with the recommendations of a clinical team, utilized their designers to establish their initial red light therapy items - the Bio Series variety.


The BioMax array give off more than the typical 660nm and also 850nm wavelengths. These new panels release 4 wavelengths. 660nm and 850nm still compose 80% of the total power, yet 20% is divided in between 620nm, 810nm and also 830nm.

This implies that 50% of the power of the BioMax 600 is going to traffic signal (630nm-660nm), and also 50% is going to near infrared light (810nm-850nm).

Is this a good thing? That other wavelengths beyond the usual 660 and also 850nm are being produced? PlatinumLED think so (3) and I'm mosting likely to agree with them.

Guarantee and Warranty

Platinum LED therapy lights all include a 5 Year Warranty and 90 day complete satisfaction guarantee, even if they're purchased with Amazon, which is rather huge if you ask me. Compared to some other LED companies I've examined, this is just one of the stronger warranty structures that I've seen in the room.


PlatinumLED deal complimentary shipping to the US. Which is excellent thinking about how bulky and also hefty traffic signal panels are!

They likewise ship internationally - for shipping rates to your country just add the wanted panel to your cart as well as head to the check out screen for a quote. Oh as well as indeed the BioMax functions beyond USA. I'm in New Zealand as well as there are no problems running the panel on 220volts here in NZ.

Customer Support

Assistance from PlatinumLED is top notch. They use the traditional technique for supporting consumers as well as potential clients - email and also phone calls.

There are no fancy 'submit a ticket' systems in place. They release their toll complimentary number on every page of their site (I wish extra firms did this!) and they make it super simple to send them an e-mail.

Also better, PlatinumLED have a tiny but enthusiastic team, and you will certainly hear directly from this team when you contact them. No offshore support agencies being utilized here.

Final Verdict

Yes the BioMax 600 is an amazing panel, and also one I will certainly continue to utilize every day. However no, it's not the best body panel on the marketplace. There is something much better. Which is the PlatinumLED BioMax 900. The BioMax 900 is the larger brother to the 600.

The lotion constantly rises to the top, and also though PlatinumLED is still a tiny business by Red Light Therapy requirements, I expect this firm to do wonderful things after my 3 month experience with their BioMax 600.


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